Can I keep perennials in pots during the winter, to plant in the spring? If so how do I care for them during the winter?
A friend was cutting back her perennials, and potted some for me. It is now the beginning of October, we aren't able to pull up our shrubs to make flower beds until the spring. Can I keep these perennials in pots until then? If so how do I care for them during the winter, I can keep them in our basement, which stays pretty warm due to our furnace.
Submitted by harryjudy2137995

Hi, I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, but our Garden Doctor system was shut down for a month. Anyway, the best way to overwinter these is to sink them, pots and all into the ground and cover with leaves and/or snow if you get any. They will not do well in the basement.

Answered by doug.jimerson