Flies in my garden
I have a garden with Marigolds, Vincas, Snapdragons, and some other flowers. They attract alot of flies all day. I wanted to know what can I do to prevent the flies?
Submitted by cinv_841

Hi, I'm not sure what kind of flies you are dealing with, but there's not much you can do to keep flying insects away from your plants. If they are really bothering you, I'd try to catch a few and then get them identified to see exactly what they are. They could be good insects that are just trying to pollinate your plants. You could have your local extension service identify them or take them to a local garden center.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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What do you fertilize with? This may be attracting the flies. I also have some friendly dogs nextdoor, and the owners don't pick-up their droppings frequently. I bought an insect "zapper" at the local hardware store. Not a fly around!
Submitted by bellcherylrn