Can you plant perennials at the end of the summer? I live in Western MA and I am looking to plant around September 1.
Submitted by jb31677

Hi, Yes, you can plant many perennials now. In fact, some, such as hostas, lilies, Oriental poppies, peonies, daylilies and bearded iris actually perfer a late summer/early fall planting.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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Heck yeah! In MA, you can plant until the ground freezes! And, this time of year, plants are on sale! If the sale plants look sad above the soil, chances are their roots, what's below the soil, are just fine. Many gardeners don't realize that the "goods" are in the soil. I planted some cone flower last year (in Chicago) on December 1. It snowed the next day. The plant not only survived, but was gorgeous and bountiful!
Submitted by LucyMcGigs