I planted a tomatoe garden this year and it is doing very very well .I just watered and notice a green caterpillar type bug that had small white tubes all over it lounging on one of the stems of my plants.What the heck is it and is it a huge concern for my garden?
Submitted by earnercouch

Hi, That sounds like a tomato hornworm. They are large, scary looking green caterpillars that are easy to kill. They don't generally infest your garden in large numbers so spraying is not necessary. Just knock them into a jar of water or onto the ground and squish them. FYI, these caterpillars often play host to a wasp that lays it's eggs on the caterpillar, which eventually kills the caterpillar. My guess is that those white tubes are actually the eggs of the parasitic wasp. So, if this is the only caterpillar you see, I might leave it alone so the parasitic wasps hatch and prosper.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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As long as it really won't hurt anything I think I will let him live and enjoy the short time he has until the colder weather. Thanks.
Submitted by earnercouch