tips on hostas
I replanted some hostas and they are not growing; at a standstill and have little holes - bugs? how do i take care of the bugs and make them grow
Submitted by nhinckley943838

Hi, You don't say how long ago you planted your hostas or where you planted them. Hostas do require a rich, well drained soil and a shady location. If you just planted them this year, it's likely you won't see a lot of growth. For many perennials, they really don't spread and get larger until the second year. The first year is often when the plant spends time developing a deep root system. As far as holes are concerned, I bet  you have slugs. Slugs and snails love hostas and leave holes in the foliage. They dine at night so you often don't see them. Check your plants at night and look on the undersides of the leaves. To combat slugs you can use a slug/snail bait. You can buy an organic slug/snail bait online from Gardens Alive!

Answered by doug.jimerson