I am in Baltimore MD. What time of the year is best to plant flowers and colorful shrubs?
I just moved into a house with a flower bed where everything has died. Weeds are taking over it. Where should I start? And is it a good time of the year to try to make this a piece of art for my yard?
Submitted by miahcole

Hi, Well you can plant flowers and shrubs in the early spring and early fall. At this time of year there are many perennial flowers that do well with autumn planting: daylilies, hostas, Oriental poppies, lilies, and peonies. Most other perennials are best planted in the early spring. Flowering shrubs can be planted anytime if they are growing in containers at the nursery. Just be sure to keep them well watered until they become established. The key with your garden is to get those weeds controlled as soon as possible before they set seed and make things even more difficult next year. Trim, mow, or dig them out as soon as possible. Then, you should improve your soil by adding compost, rotted manure or some other type of organic matter. Mix this into your existing soil and plant or wait till spring to plant. Once you have things in the ground, mulch around your plants to keep weeds at bay.

Answered by doug.jimerson