I hate crabgrass
crabgrass is taking over my flower beds. how can I get rid of it without killing my flowers? I know it can be pulled up but I have back problems & arthritis & I can't bend over much. Is there another a way to kill crabgrass thats also safe for animals, birds & bees?
Submitted by bjt518

The way to treat for crabgrass is preventively. Now that it is growing up in your beds, do the best  you can pulling it, but accept that it will be with you until frost, which kills crabgrass. Next spring, in March, put down a product called corn gluten. It's an organic control that prevents crabgrass from growing. NOte that corn gluten will prevent other seeds from germinating as well, so don't apply it and then plant flower seeds. YOu'll want to repeat the treatment one or two times more  (read the product label for retreatment intervals). Also, a good, thick mulch will do wonders.

Answered by EricLiskey
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Science shows corn does not work, but the nirates add fertilizer to help weed growth. http://extension.oregonstate.edu/gardening/corn-gluten-meal-did-not-prevent-weeds-germinating-osu-study
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