Grass growing in flower garden
How do I get rid of crap grass/grass in my garden? eery spring I try to dig out the roots but by June they are sprouting all over..I do put preen and green on the garden every two weeks but it doesn't do anything to the grasses
Submitted by mkaye6

I suspect you are battling something other than crabgrass, which is annual and does not produce an extensive, perennial root system. Preen would have no effect on a perennial grass.   Perennial grasses are really tough, but you can apply grass killer (make sure it's selective grass killer, not roundup -- one brand is Grass B Gon) and it should kill the grasses and leave most of your ornamentals alone. Be sure to read all label instructions.

Answered by EricLiskey
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Bruise the vegetation either b y scuffing them with your shoe or use a hoe or other garden tool. Once that's done sprinkle or spray with vinegar. I accidentally broke a bottle of vinegar on the edge of a sidewalk and it killed the grass for a few years!!! Good luck.
Submitted by torileec

petunias lanky & leaves dying seesy too
Submitted by toftka