Help with landscaping in front of house
Hi, I live in Baltimore, MD. We have just had a large Styrex removed from in front of our picture window. Now we feel exposed to the street. We would like to put in something that will not grow too tall (not up to gutters) that will give us privacy and yet not hide the house. We would prefer a shrub or small tree that does not drop things 3 times a year like the Styrex. We already have a Japanese Weeping Maple just off the drive way, or that would have been my first choice (except deciduous
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Thanks for writing. It's tough to give you any kind of specific recommendations without knowing the growing conditions, but in general, some really lovely evergreens include:


Dwarf hemlock (Emerald Fountain only grows 10-12 feet tall, for exmaple)

Weeping hemlock will grow as tall as you train it, then cascade down from there

Silver Whispers Swiss stone pine only grows about 12-15 feet tall and has a relatively loose, open habit

You might also look for a grafted plant, such as a globe blue spruce trained as a standard
For example:


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