Questions on Baptisia Australis in Maine
My baptisia has many pods on it and I would like to know how I can take advantage of these seeds as easy as possible. I live in zone 4 in Maine. Is it possible to just plant the seeds in the ground in the Fall? Or do I need to start the seeds in the Spring as new plants and allow them to grow and then do a transplant? Also how strong are these plants on their first year of growth and what is the height that I should expect? Are these plants similar to Lupine where the seed spreads the plant?
Submitted by sweetraeskis



Thanks for writing. You can simply plant the baptisia seeds --- they should sprout in the spring just fine. In my yard, baptisia seedlings get about 6 inches tall the first year; yours may be bigger or smaller depending on variety, growing conditions, etc.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms