What vegetables?
How do I determine what vegetables to plant in my first garden? I live in So. Calif. Hardiness factor is 8. Please advise, Larry
Submitted by lputt4

You live in a nice area for growing. YOu can grow nearly anything you like, and I suspect you can even grow most of the winter veggies through the winter too.  If this is your first garden, start with the easy stuff. Right now, you're a little too late for most summer crops, although you could probably get a late harvest of bush-type  beans if you planted right now.  This fall  (plant in early Sept.), you can try lettuces/greens, broccoli, beets. Next year, tomatoes, peppers, beans, eggplant are all quite easy. With a little success with these, you'll be ready to move on to other things, if you want.

Before planting, be sure to till the soil well, and mix in lots of compost. That will give you a good start.

Answered by EricLiskey