Hydrangea blooms and stems droop and end up on the ground - how do we keep that from occurring?
We have 2 blue hydrangeas, added to our landscape late last summer by a professional landscaper. This yr many blooms ended up laying on the ground so I ended up removing them, cutting them back beyond the old wood a few weeks ago and then more again several days ago. At first this summer, they seemed fine. I think my husband waters too often and that he only ends up moistening the first couple inches of mulch & soil. I don't know if this has adds anything to the hydrangea issue or not.
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Thanks for writing. There are several reasons why your hydrangeas may droop. Some varieties with very large flowers tend to be floppy because the stems have supporting those big blooms. Other times plants can get droppy if they're in too much shade --- the stems stretch, looking for more light, and become weaker. They could also develop strong stems if they're fertilized too much; fertilizer can encourage lots of fast growth which isn't as strong.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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put in hydranges in early June, some had blooms, others didn't. They are growing, but no new bloom, help?
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