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I have created a walk way on the sid of drive way with three spread out hot pokers and I want to fill inwith things that blend and bloom. Started to do so succlent that changes color with maybe so reed grass. I need help and the front is a lot to play with. can I take pic and email them to you guys. I live in Aurora, Colorado.
Submitted by cihayes84



Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but we can't really give specific landscaping advice without being able to see the area in person, especially without more information such as the amount of sun/shade the area gets and what your personal tastes are. I'd suggest you do a search in our online Plant Encyclopedia (link below) or look for plants you like at your local garden center or nursery.


That said, some things I personally might consider are blue fescue, gaillardia, pineleaf penstemon, and salvia.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms