Roses - new growth continues to wither and die plus black spot...NO roses this year...HELP!
Early, lenghty, warm spell & then frost resulted in new growth that died off and NO roses. I trimmed roses back again and problem is still growth that withers and dies. I did apply time-released granular rose food in mid-April. Currently fighting black spot, which came early this season, with weekly fungicide spray & picking each dead leaf. Now I'm hand picking Japanese beetles daily. My roses are stressed as am I. Garden is 3 yrs old with various types. What else can I do?
Submitted by felicia.iggulden1

Hi, Well it sounds like your roses got off to a rocky start this year with the frost that probably weakened them enough that other problems could follow. Black Spot is a disease that is made worse in wet, humid weather. All you can do is remove the dead foliage and use the rose fungicide. It generally won't kill your roses, but certainly makes a mess of them when infected. I don't know what kind of roses you have, but I recommend you consider using disease-resistant roses such as Rugosas or some of the new landscape roses such as the Oso Easy line that are bred to be resistant to Black Spot. This disease mostly hits old-fashioned Hybrid Teas, Floribundas and Grandifloras. Personally, I don't even plant them anymore and have a wonderful rose garden with disease resistant types. Japanese beetles can be a nightmare. I'd go to your local Garden Center and find a product that's designed to kill them. Beetle eradication can be difficult if you live where the insect populations are thick and organic controls won't always work. 

Answered by doug.jimerson