How to get rid of leafrolling insect
I have an infestation of some type of insect(?) that rolls the leaves of mostly soft leafed plants such as violas,melissa,annual poppies, mints but also hollyhocks,roses,japanese anemonies.Itstart of looking as a few light webstrands,randomly from the tip of leaf/orthe side, then quickly rolls the leaf and deposits black pinheadsized "eggs?" in clusters about the size of a small pinkie nail often joining 2 leaves together.HELP I live in zone 7,organic garden. I have been picking the leaves
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Thanks for writing. It sounds like it may be a leaf roller. This pest can be controlled with a spray of Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis), a natural bacterium that attacks caterpillars. You can also consider neem oil, another organic product that's shown good effectiveness against insect pests.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms