When to Water
Blanding, Utah 84511 When is the best time to water the lawn and garden (corn, pumpkins, peppers, stawberry, brocli, tomatoes, cucumbers)?
Submitted by jjosley

Hi, It's always best to water in the early morning before the temperatures heat up. This allows the water to be absorbed into the soil. Night watering can cause fungal and disease problems if the leaves of your plants remain wet during the night.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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We live in Peoria (Phoenix) Arizona. We are planting a type of decorative grass in a raised bed. The plants say Water: Arid. Are we supposed to water them every day as we do out other shrubs or how often. Very little rain here. I believe we have received 5 inches for the year. Please advise how often I should water.
Submitted by CLUBIN1