Lavender Plants
my lavender plants are drooping and kind of brown for the last 2 wks. Prior to that they looked great. I did treat them with Miracle about 2 weeks ago. I made sure to water them right after too. Do you think that the miracle grow was the cause? I live in Cleveland, Ohio and the bushes get the hot afternoon sun.
Submitted by jomarie102

Hi, Well lavender plants require very good drainage so if they are sitting in heavy, clay-like soil they may not thrive. These plants need hot, dry conditions and don't like to be overfed. When I hear of lavender problems in the Midwest, I first think it's a soil problem because they prefer a sandy soil and some Midwest soils are heavy. I grow mine in Iowa along a limestone wall where there is sand mixed in with the loam for quick drainage. I also never feed mine. I would never give lavender Miracle Gro.

Answered by doug.jimerson