Soggy lawn from sump pump.
My sump pump empties onto my front lawn. The surounding area is a soggy mess. I dug a trench to see if the water would seep into it. And it has. There is about 8"" of soil and then clay. Can I dig the trench longer and fill it with stones and cover them with river rock? How long a trench would it take? Any other ideas?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

You'll simply have to find a new place to route your sump pump's discharge to. Run it to a corner of your lot where  you can then plant water-tolerant plants, for example.

You could try a large drywell near the discharge -- a hole 3-5 feet deep, filled with gravel -- to pull in the water that is discharged from your sump. Whether it works or not just depends on what the soil is like down deeper. Sometimes clay occurs in layers and you can get through to a more permeable soil beneath that will let water rapidly percolate downward. My guess is that you will just find more clay, though. Personally, I would just try to route the sump discharge to a less problematic spot. 

Answered by BHGgardenEditors