Sand Spurs
My husband and I have recently moved into a house in the country. The lawn is quite a mixture of different types of grass and weeds. One type of weed is like a sand spur found at the beach. It has all these prickly little balls that get stuck in EVERYTHING including feet, clothes, and my poor puppies paws! They are about 1/4" in diameter, and are at their worst between April-July. What can we do to get rid of these painful weeds?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Get rid of these pesky weeds, most likely sandbur from your description, by spot-treating plants with a selective herbicide labeled for sandbur. Take a sample of the plant to your local lawn and garden retailer and talk with an expert there to obtain a positive identification.

A preemergence herbicide may be helpful next Jan. or Feb. to prevent the germination of sandbur seeds.

Along with eliminating the sandburs, strive to maintain a healthy, vigorous lawn by watering, feeding, and mowing as needed for the dominant type of grass growing in your lawn.

For more information, check your local library for a lawn care book specifically for your region.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors