growing bell peppers
I have always had trouble growing bell peppers in my garden. The plants are small and produce very few peppers, if any. I live in zone 5. What can I do.
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Thanks for writing. How's your soil? Peppers are considered heavy feeders, so if your soil is poor or very sandy so it doesn't hold nutrients well, your peppers may need additional fertilization to keep them growing. Or, you could also try growing them in containers with a high-quality potting mix.


Do you grow the same variety of bell pepper every year? If so, you might look at different cultivars in case the one you have experence with isn't well suited to your area.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I sprinkle a teaspoon of epsom salt around the pepper plants every month. It seems to help them? Magnesium?
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I used to have trouble growing green peppers until a friend suggested I grow them in a large container. That was the solution! I bought one of those large heavy plastic buckets you use to hold beverages and ice for a party. Filled the bottom with leftover packing peanuts(so it wouldn't be so heavy)and then soil.Good Luck!
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