nutsledge/nutsgrass invasion
I have an invasion of nutsgrass in my lawn, flowerbed, shrubbed, and now is growing in my garden area. How do I kill it? I have used chemicals (HI-YIELD)with no results. It started about 6yrs ago. I really don't like to use chemicals, especially in the garden, do you have any suggestions? We live in Lawton, OK. and the soil is heavy clay where not amended. We have very hot summers without much rainfall, therefore we have to water everyday.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

There is no easy way to get rid of nutgrass in lawns without herbicides. The Hi Yield chemical you used was probably MSMA, which works on a couple of kinds of nutsedge, but not others. There are two other chemicals that  work on the other kinds, but they're harder to find and expensive. A good garden center or professional lawn care supplier would have them if you're interested.  They're called Image and Manage.

However,  if it's spreading as much as you say, then you probably have some drainage issues. You said you water in summer and have heavy clay soil, which suggests to me that you might be applying  too much water. The clay, which doesn't drain too well, may be staying a bit on the soggy side, and nutsedge LOVES it soggy. So my suggestion is to cut back on water as much as you can. That will probably stop the spread. Wherever the nutsedge is growing in open ground (not near ornamentals or veggies), Roundup works fine. Other  places, you either use the chemical option, or do your best pulling by hand. That's a lousy option, I know, but it's what's left if you rule out chemicals.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors