night crawlers???
I live in Minnesota. I have hundreds of tiny little holes with very tiny balls of dirt(?) around the holes, I was told it was night crawlers. The holes are about the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil and some are smaller. I do not want them, I have twisted my ankle several times. This started about 2 yrs. ago. The snow is now melted and I can not believe my eyes, they are back and there seems to be more. It seems to have ruined the grass. I am planning on having it airated. HELP PLEASE!
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After you aerate, power rake your lawn to help break up the bumps. Then sow grass seed over the entire lawn (bluegrass in sun and fescue in shade) and water. Sometimes turfgrass thins out with age--it could be because of shade, insects or disease. Work on thickening up your lawn by reseeding thin areas and fertilizing annually. The earthworms or night crawlers that are leaving their castings (tiny balls of dirt) on the surface of your lawn are actually improving the soil structure of your lawn. Their activity improves air and water movement within the soil far better than machine aeration. With a thicker lawn, their piles won't be as obvious underfoot. There aren't pesticides or repellents for earthworms, and even if there were, it would be a mistake to drive them from your yard.

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I have the same problem. Only there are many problems that comes along WITH this one, and that is the resulting infestation of Raccoons and Possums and Moles shredding up the lawn digging for the worms! Why can't there be something to get rid of the worms? I understand that a small amount of them are healthy, but by the millions where literally every 2 inches of lawn has a mound of castings is unsightly and an attractant to the digging critters costing me money and time to repair damage!
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