night crawlers in lawn
The lawn between my house and row of large spruce and pine trees has night crawlers. The grass has been quite lush. Last year it had spots that had sparse grass coverage. It has mounds and is rough. However, this year the grass is growing in clumps with spaces between where the grass is hardly there. Is this a PH problem? If so how do I treat it? Is this a night crawler problem? Can I eliminate them? Since it is near the house, children do use it a bit, mostly just to get to the trampoline.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The sparse foliage in your grass would not be from nightcrawlers. They can cause bumps in the lawn from their castings which they bring to the surface, but those can be raked  to smooth them out. For the most part, nightcrawlers are beneficial in aerating the soil and turning organic matter into humus.

It's possible that improper pH could be involved, but excess shade from the trees and house is more likely. You can check the pH with a simple soil test available through your county extension service or a private soil testing lab.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors