kill bermuda and centipede grass
I live in NC, zone 7. Bermuda and centipede grasses are choking the turf grass. Have huge dead areas that appear to have very fine bladed dead grass. Have irrigation system. I had a yard service treating the yard for 2 years, aerating and overseeding, they did get rid of some of the weeds, but never have been able to keep the grass looking good. Told them goodbye in June, now I need help!
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There is no selective herbicide that will kill Bermudagrass or centipede grass that will not also kill other turfgrasses. The only way to get rid of them is to kill them with a nonselective herbicide such as glyphosate (Roundup) which will also kill other plants it comes into contact with. If the undesirable grasses are confined to patches, you may be able to kill out the patches and reseed or resod those spots. If they are scattered throughout the lawn, you may need to kill the entire lawn and start over.  Bermudagrass is especially tough to get rid of. It often needs to be treated a couple of times, because it sometimes resprouts after one herbicide treatment.

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The creeping and invasive habits of Centipede and Bermuda will probably mean an extensive Round-Up treatment. Once and then again two weeks later for a sure kill. Another technique is solarazation either alone or in combination with Round-Up, though that works best in August preparing for cool season grasses, which could be annual Rye grass preparing for seeding of your turf in spring if your goal is a warm season type grass.
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