high traffic, part shade, on a slope, grass or ground cover solution
We live in the middle of Oklahoma. Most of our lawn is now suffering under large trees. We've tried fescue sod and seed, the soil has washed away to expose tree roots on the gentle slope and kids love to play in these areas too. We were thinking of a low ground cover for the shady area off to the side and Zoysia for the high traffic areas. What kind of grass is low-maintenance for our area and is there a ground cover for shady areas?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Zoysiagrass is a good low-maintenance turfgrass for your region, but it requires sun to grow well. Fescues are some of the more shade-tolerant grasses that will grow in your region. If it is too shady for fescue, you may need to use a groundcover or reduce the amount of shade by thinning the trees that cause the shade.

Some groundcovers that work well in shade are sedges (Carex), Kenilworth ivy, sweet flag, ajuga, leptinella, creeping jenny, creeping veronica, English ivy, vinca, and mazus.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors