Grub control
I suspect I have a problem with grubs in my back lawn...could you tell me how this would present itself and suggest a way to combat them and an appropriate time Thanks..Doris Gallant
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Thanks for writing. Grub-infested lawns are most apparent in late summer when sod starts tearing in shreds. You'll also find white C-shape grubs in great quantity when you dig.

There are a number of effective grub-killing products on the market, under brand-names such as Bayer, Grub Ex, and Grub B Gon.

If you prefer a more natural approach, there are organic products, as well. For example, a company called Gardens Alive! sells a type of microscopic worm that attacks and kills grubs.

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It was I need to know what to do asfter I have gotten rid of the grubs
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