Growing grass under Crape Myrtles
I have five large crape myrtles. The crapes are about 18 feet apart. The over all grass in my yard is a mixture of fescue and bermuda which looks quite nice during the growing season. I can not keep grass between the second and fifth crape myrtle. For the past six years I have planted new grass in early spring between the crapes. It comes up green and thick and looks good. By late July it is thin and dying,by August it is gone. Any suggestions? How about a ground cover such as (ajuga). Thank you
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If you have had no luck with turfgrass in this spot for that many years, you should probably try a ground cover such as ajuga or pachysandra or go with straight mulch. There is also a new lawn seed that is fairly shade tolerant you could try. It's from Eco Lawn,

Answered by BHGgardenEditors