Hi I have only one lilac bush left in my yard that my father planted when he owned my house before he died so I really want to save it. He always called it a 7yr lilac saying it wouldnt bloom for seven years after ""being born"" I dont know if this applies to what I call suckers around the bottom or not. Also the blooms while very fragrant are not many. I know the bush is at least 7 yrs old (how long I have been there)and I think there is only one main stem so not sure about pruning it either
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Thanks for writing. If your lilac has just one stem, your best bet is probably to cut it to the 3 or 4 in winter. That will encourage the growth of lots of new stems. It'll usually take three or four years before it blooms if you do this -- but it should bloom more profusely thanks because of all the vigorous new growth.

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