stephanotis pods
This plant is in a pot summered outside in winter inside Last year it produced about 5 seed pods. Without too much luck trying different methodso f propagation, leaving them on the plant till dry and cracked or taking them off when they were the size of limes and drying then . soaking them soil planting them, tenting them on window sill on paper towel until sprouted. not to much luck getting them any larger then 1 set of leaves, I hope you can help. Thanks
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Stephanotis seeds are ripe when the pod turns yellow. Pick the pod and split it open before it splits open on its own. If allowed to fully ripen and split open, the seeds will go into a complicated dormancy. But if harvested at the just-ripe stage, they should germinate readily if sown on the surface of a seed starting mix and just barely covered with mix (or vermiculite). Keep evenly moist and at 70-80 degrees F to germinate them. It can take several weeks to several months for them to germinate.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors