Propagating Hydrangeas
I'd like help with making cuttings from a neighbor's hydrangea plant. What should I do?
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Thanks for writing. Many hydrangeas root pretty easily from cuttings taken from late spring to midsummer. Cut a section of new growth about 4 inches long; it should root in 3-4 weeks. For more information on how to take cuttings, check out:

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You may not need to take a cutting at all. Check the plant to see if there are any spots where one of the branches is in contact with soil, or perhaps emerging from under soil. If you find such a spot, gently brush the dirt away and tug softly on the branch. If it has rooted, it will resist when tugged. So then you can use pruners or a sharp shovel to separate the rooted piece from the rest of the plant and replant in a part shade
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