Weeds climbing our fenceline
There are a variety of weeds (including poison ivy) rooted in an easement on the other side of our backyard. The weeds climb up and over the fence, leaning over into our yard. There is a short slope leading up to the fenceline on our side, which makes it difficult to grow anything tall to hide the weeds so we won't come in contact with them. We've used weed killer on them, but they grow back, while the grass and other plants die. That part of the yard is in full sun. What do you recommend?
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The best treatment for a situation like this is Round-up herbicide. It may take more than one application to eradicate poison ivy, but it will kill the plants. You can selectively use Round-up if you don't want to kill other plants. Round-up will only kill the plants that are brushed or sprayed.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors