vine-like weed that is taking over flower beds
I live in Michigan, and I have very large flower beds in my back yard (full sun). I am getting a type of weed that is spreading throughout my perennials and I can't seem to get rid of it. I believe it is suffocating my other flowers by tangling around their roots. The weed looks like ground cover and it is vine like (spreads across the surface). It has small purple flowers in the spring and has a strong minty-like smell. Any idea what it is and how to get rid of it before it takes over?
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You have creeping charlie (Glechoma hederacea). It is one of the most vigorous and persistent of all broadleaf weeds. It is common in lawns and flower beds. It is difficult to control and almost impossible to eradicate. In the lawn, repeated applications of broadleaf herbicides, such as 2-4-D products will help slow it down, and hopefully keep it from spreading into the flower beds. Creeping charlie is resistant to many herbicides, so control will take time. In the flower beds, control is even more difficult. Herbicides here will kill the perennials you want to rescue from the green strangler. The best remedy is to weed and mulch, and weed some more, and mulch some more. Use a spade or a soil fork to  dig deep to remove as many of the weed roots and runners as possible. Spot spraying with Roundup or a similar "kills-everything" herbicide may help, but be very very careful not to get the chemical or even of whiff of the spray mist on any of the flowers. Check with the Michigan extension service for more recommendations. The Master Gardener webpage ( has links to lots of information.

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Can that also be use for the lawn on the creeping charlie? That' were mine started!
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