Entire yard in shade - no grass grows
We have just moved into a new home and the entire backyard is in shade due to large trees in the yard and overhanging into the yard from a park reserve behind our house. Is there anything we can do for next summer to get grass to grow? Right now, it is just a dirt yard with some weeds.
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There are turf grasses that tolerate some shade: Buffalograss, St. Augustine grass, Kentucky bluegrass and Fescues all tolerate some shade. But if your yard is completely shaded, then perhaps a traditional turf lawn isn't the best choice for your yard. There are ornamental grasses, groundcovers and shade-loving perennnials that tolerate some foot traffic and will make your yard look wonderful. Check with your local county extension service for the best choices.

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There are also alternatives to grass. You could put a number of shrubs that will love the shade in as well. Hydrangeas (oakleaf is my favorite), azaleas, blueberries, carolina alspice, sweet tea and forsythia are all good choices. Understory trees are great too; Redbud and dogwood are two great ones.
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