Drought tollerant replacement for front lawn
I have to "redo" my front lawn. It is in full sun mostly. I live in the Central Valley in California & want to replace it with something drought tollerant & easy to care for, as we are retired & are busy with family a lot. I have containers in the flower beds but need ideas on what to do to change the grass. I love my yard and gardening so I don't want to just put in rocks. I have a few small bushes scattered in the grass (lilac, forsythia, rose of sharon).
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Do you mean heat tolerant or drought tolerant? There are  no grasses that will stay green all summer in your hot climate without irrigation. Without water, there are a few that will go dormant, then re-emerge when the weather cools off.  Bermuda, zoysia, buffalograss, and even tall fescue fall into this category. Plant any of these and water them if you want them to stay green all summer, or let them go brown if you dont' want to use the water. Avoid bluegrass, ryegrass and St. Augustine.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors