periwinkle and gerbera daisy seeds
Is it possible to harvest seeds from this year's periwinkle and gerbera daisy plants for next year?
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Thanks for writing. You can save seeds from these plants. However, they may not come true to form next year --- meaning the plants you get won't be the same varieties you grow this year. So if there are special characteristics in the plants you're growing this year, you may be best off purchasing new plants or bringing them indoors for the winter and treating them as houseplants.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I have grown Gerbera daisies for years and love them, but I have never had one to come up from seed. I divide the plants to get new plants. When I read about Gerbera daisy seeds, I find myself wondering just what is a Gerbera daisy seed. I have planted the dead blooms for years hoping to have one come up, but never has a single one done so. I have let them dry or planted them shortly after the bloom turned brown, but nothing works. Just what is a Gerbera daily seed????
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