Pyramidalis arborvitae going brown after pruning
We moved into our new home which had a landscape which is full of evergreens and easy to maintain plants but they were all over grown. also there was no color in the garden and no space left to plant any flowers etc. We got a local landscapers to cut down the overgrown plants which he did. Like they cut the Pyramidalis arborvitae with the machine etc. But now my garden looks very brown - he said the inside are always brown and within a month the garden will green again what do i do?
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Well I worry about your plants because when you shear an evergreen back to where it's brown, it rarely comes back again. You should never shear an evergreen that severely. Overgrown specimens should be only cut back by inches every year until you get them where you want them. A severe pruning like this fellow did to your plants may have actually killed them. There's not much you can do now except to see if they do come back. It's a shame they were cut so severely.

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My lawn company sprayed the arborvitae plants with a chemical to get rid of the bees, they turned brown and died. They claim it was from over fertilizing not from the chemical. Is this true?
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