Pruning Pear tree
I have two 5 yr old pear trees that appear healthy. the first couple years I got no pears. Last year I had tons of buds and many baby pears, but they all disappeared. Probable eaten by squirrels. How and when do I prune them to increase fruit growth and what do I spray them with to discourage pests.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Once pears start bearing fruit they should continue to do so each year. however it is normal for at least two drops of fruit to get rid of the excess fruits that will not mature. This happens within a month of bloom time. If you still have tons of fruit on the trees after this time, it is wise to thin them by hand and only let a small percentage of the fruits mature. The fruits are carried on fruiting spurs so they appear in clusters. Pears should only have 2 fruits per cluster with these about 5" apart on the branch.

By now you will have built up a strong framework for the trees over the past years, so you can look forward to good fruit crop each year.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors