Astilbes ~ How long before bareroot ones bloom?
Hello: I am wondering about purchasing astilbes online bareroot? But I have heard that Astilbes take a long time to get established and bloom. So I'm wondering how long before bare root ones bloom? Because I can go right to my local greenhouse and get them in bloom. But they don't have the selection that the online greenhouses have. Thank you for your help. Carleen E. Ames
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

It really depends upon how big the bare root plants are. If they are small they probably won't bloom the first year after being planted. You would be wise to search out a reputable mail order company and try to order by phone so you can speak to their horticulturist. Tell them they must bloom this year before you can confirm your order. Usually companies are very good about this, but if you see inexpensive bare root plants offered, the likelihood is that they are small and won't bloom this year in spite of being a good but long  term investment.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors