Yellow leaves with green veins on lilies,hibiscus and clamatis
I have lilies and clematis growing in a eastern exposure getting morning sun half the day. I just added compost to the bed this spring and used a time release fertilizer. The hibiscus are in a southern exposure getting some morning and afternoon sun. All these plants leaves are lightening but the veins are staying green. Did I over fertilize or maybe gave them the wrong PH? I just moved the lilies to the bed in the spring and the hibiscus are planted in containers.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

When a plant's foliage begins to yellow, but the veins stay green this is usually a condition called chlorsis, which means the plant is suffering from a difficiency of iron or minor nutrients such as manganese or zinc. These elements are generally found in most soils, but become unavailable to the plant if the pH is too alkaline or if the soils are too wet. Check your soil pH to see if it is too alkaline and if so, you can spray the foliage with a chelated iron fertilizer and around the base of the plant. Try to maintain a neutral to slightly acid soil. If your soil pH tests in the correct range, the problem is probably that your soil is too wet. I'd still spray the plants with the iron fertilizer, but would not worry about changing the pH. Just hope things dry out soon.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors