Wild violet taking over perennial bed
What should I do? I have had this bed for many years and now I have wild violets that have taken over. I put them up, root seems to go everywhere. I have considered moving all plants put will it be in the roots and if so can I see. Plus some do not transplant well. I have tried spraying roundup in each hole where I pull up the invasive vine but would heavy mulching help?
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Thanks for writing. Wild violets can be very difficult to get rid of. A thick layer of mulch will certainly help, but you'll need to pull all the plants you see before you spread the mulch.

I'm sorry, but other than that, there aren't really any other great suggestions I know of other than allowing the violet to act as a groundcover and crowd out other kinds of weeds. Eventually, it can form a relatively thick covering over the ground that still allows taller perennials to grow up through it.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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ROUNDUP????????????????????????? OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you using such an incredibly POWERFUL AND POISONOUS CHEMICAL on such an innocent little wildflower? Please consider the larger picture of ecological/environmental effects and impact before resorting to using these potent and devastating chemical weapons. We only have one EARTH: It is important to be mindful of how we care for this planet.
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