How To Remedy A Plant Which has Dried Out
I live in region 9-10, in the South. I have my peanut plant rather fully grown, and leggy, in a clay pot, (about 10 in). I mistakenly left her out on the deck, getting quite quite abit of hot sun each day, for 2 days, while I was away. Now on my return, without her getting any water, and out in that very hot, beating sun' she is very dried out. I began by giving her a few drinks of water. Am I doing the right thing? Should I remove all the stems and leaves which have dried out?
Submitted by dmz98765

Hi, Well sadly your plant might be dead. I'd just keep watering it to see if any new growth sprouts at the base, but if you don't see anything happen in about 10 days, it's a goner.

Answered by doug.jimerson