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My corn plant is almost six feet tall, mostly one stem with leaves. There is no other growth on the trunk part. Can I cut off the stem and successfully reroot it? If I cut the trunk part will new growth start on it? How can I make new growth on the trunk? It's just too tall for comfort now.
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Corn plant propagates relatively easily. If you cut off the top, the cane that is left normally will resprout, although it may take a couple of months to do so. You can use the stem tip that is cut off as a cutting, sticking it in a pot after dusting the cut end with rooting powder. Keep it humid and moist until new roots form. You can also propagate it by placing a piece of the cane on its side in moist rooting medium, again, keeping it humid and moist (by covering it with plastic) until new roots and shoots form.
If you're still not sure about taking a cutting, you could also air layer the plant. Rather than completely cutting off the top, simply make a notch in the stem about half way around the stem. Prop it open with toothpicks . Dust with rooting powder. Wrap moist sphagnum moss around the stem and enclose the most in clear plastic. Keep the moss moist until you see new roots developing. At that time, cut off the stem just below the roots, and pot up the new plant.

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My corn plants are very sensitive to tap water. I've been using distilled water from the grocer and haven't seen brown tips since. Before that, I trimmed the dried brown pieces off and pulled off some of the more dead ones. I believe I read that flouride in tap water is the cause of this
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I have just resently been given a corn plant and the tips of the leaves are turning brown. W can i do?
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