Rabbit foot Fern
I would like to repot my fern. How do I do this? Rabbit's foot fern has those little feet over the pot, and I don't want to damage the plant. Please help! Thank You.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Rabitt's foot fern (Davillea sp.) seldom need to be repotted as they love to grow tightly together. If you try to repot them in the traditional way, many of the "feet "will be broken off. These can be restarted if you wish, by pegging them down in moist potting mixture. Those that remain attached to the plant  will also establish more quickly if they are pegged into the new soil (a hairpin or opened paper clip works well). Potting soil that drains freely is fine, but add some orchid bark if drainage is not good. If you choose not to repot completely, scrape away some of the old soil from between the rhizomes and add some new soil. The most attracive specimens are sometimes almost completely covered with the "furry feet".

Answered by BHGgardenEditors