colored bulbs on my zygocactus
My girlfriend has several zygo's and when they were all in full bloom I took a white flower from one plant and pollinated a few red flowers on another one.Now there are three reddish bulbs hanging where the flowers used to be. No one I talk to has seen or heard of this before and I would like to know what I did...:)I'm sure in the wild pollination is a natural part of the plant cycle.
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Thanks for writing. It sounds like your pollination was successful --- and you have some seed pods. Once mature (when the seed pods drop from the plant), you should be able to harvest the seeds and try growing them if you'd like.

To harvest seeds, squeeze the pulp from the pods into a some sand. Rub it around to separate the dark-colored seeds. Sprinkle the seeds on seed-starting mix. Keep them moist and out of direct sun.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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