Cats & Houseplants
Suggestions for keeping kitty away from houseplants. A grass I could grow for them to curb their desire for my greenery. And, poisonous plants for pets.
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A lot of cat lovers grow wheatgrass in pots to let their kitties graze at will. You can also often find these plants already started and for sale at places such as PetCo and Petsmart. Many houseplants are poisonous to cats, but I've found that only a few plants are attractive to them. Or, the cat may bite off a bit and then throw it up. I'm attaching a link to the Cat Fancier's Association with a list of poisonous plants. However, I've found that just because a plant is listed as poisonous doesn't mean your cat will eat them. You can also keep cats from bothering your plants with a spray repellent. Liquid Fence sells a dog and cat repellent that will work very well, BUT be sure to spray the plant outdoors and let it dry completely before bringing it back in the house. This repellent smells pretty foul while it's wet, but little noticeable odor to humans after it dries. Here's the link

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