care of a cactus
I was given a Coral Cactus..underneath that name it says "Jardin Del Envase". It does do well on my screened in porch in the sun even tho it says it's an indoor plant. I live in Largo, FL..West coast, Tampabay. I would like to know the care of it, and it has grown since last year & i think should be repotted..but don't know how. & does it need fertilizer? It sort of growns in a fan shape, thorns of course, and then has tiny pink flowers along the top that bloom in spring & summer..
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The common name, coral cactus is generally given to a grafted jungle cactus that does best in very bright light with an occasional drenching of the soil. This plant is closer in its needs to a Christmas cactus than it is to a standard desert cactus. I would probably leave the plant alone unless it looks like it needs to be repotted. My guess is that it will be just fine as is. Give it as much sun as possible and don't think it doesn't need water. It does need some every other week or so. Don't overdo it and don't let the water stand in a saucer underneath the plant. Just water till the it runs out the drainage holes and don't water again for a while.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors