Bringing Potted Plants Inside for Winter
What do I do with the plants on my patio. I would like to keep them if possible, either by bringing inside or planting outside. I am in St. Louis. The following are of concern: bougainvilla (did not bloom this year, may be pot-bound). A variety of small succulents and sedums in a bowl shapped planter, including two kinds of hens and chicks and lemon ball sedum (a wonderful little plant. Rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, mint. Gerbera daisy, geraniums.
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Thanks for writing. We actually have a story that covers this very topic on Check out the link below!

Most of the plants you mentioned should grow indoors if you have enough light. But you'll need large, bright windows or supplemental light to keep the sun-loving varieties happy. Also: perennials such as lemon balm and mint may suffer a bit as they need to go dormant and experience winter cold in order to do well.

Here are the tips for bringing plants in:

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There are now LED grow lights that you can use if you plan to bring your plants inside. This light equipment will help your plants to grow even without sunlight. To learn more, you can visit
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