What flowers ahould I plant from seed?
Hi, I am going to plant a garden of Foxglove Columbine, Lobelia, Blanket Flower, Lady's MAntle, Yarrow, Monkshood, Butterfly Weed, Anenome, Baby's Breath, Aster, Toad Lily, Bluestar, Baptisia, Larkspur, Meadow Rue, Daylily, Avens and Iris. Which ones should I plant for seed if I live in Zone 4, and its late April?
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Of the perennials in this list, gaillardia or blanketflower will be the most likely to bloom from seed this season if started from seed. Many others, such as columbine, foxglove, baptisia, larkspur, and avens will grow fairly readily from seed, but they may not bloom until next year. They are best started indoors in late winter, then transplanted out into the garden.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors