Spreading clover
We have a berm in our backyard, on a 45 degree angle. It is covered in clover. All our neighbours have shaved theirs , and carved out gardens. The prevailing winds cut across our berm onto the neighbouring lots.Will the clover spread to my neigbours, I am hoping it is not like dandelions. We also have planted wildflowers which are now in blume, so I really do not want to cut ours down.
Submitted by thomas.frances



Thanks for writing. Clover doesn't spread too aggressively by seed like dandelions do, but they do spread out by roots. So if there's a barrier or gap or something between your bern and your neighbors', you should be fine with your clover. In fact, many wildflowers are more likely to spread seeds by wind than clover.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

Answered by CostaFarms