WE are in the woods. out side of the Eagle River.and St Germain area. 54558.
We are in Nothern Wisconsin with alot of deer..I have alot of information to what they will not eat. what is on you list?.. thank you for your help..smelly and hairy leaves they do not like. would love your tips ..what is the best product to help keep them from the tasty plants? thanks. Edie Burtch..
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Hi Edie,


Thanks for writing. As you have probably discovered, there's not really one good list of plants deer don't eat because different deer may like different plants. But you're right --- as a general rule, they avoid plants that have scented or hairy/fuzzy leaves, as well as plants that are highly poisonous.


Here are some plants for your region we've found they don't tend to eat:




---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

Answered by CostaFarms